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There is considerable need for our project.  It is the only project in Scotland that focuses solely on the needs of children and young people affected by parental imprisonment.

Research evidences the impact of this on children and young people, demonstrating the need for this service.  These include the emotional pain of seperation and a negative impact on income, housing, physical health and mental well-being.

Children of the imprisoned can suffer the following:

Low self esteem
Poor literacy skills
Feelings of isolation
Behavioural problems

Disruptions in living conditions, poor housing, or frequent moves. This is exacerbated by reduced household income and the emotional stress of coping with parental imprisonment.

Mental health problems are 3 times more likely to impact on the children of prisoners. They are also 65% more likely to face imprisonment themselves than their peers.

Disruptions at school, linked to the issues above, can exacerbate the difficult experiences of children and young people. Teachers are often unaware that a child's parent is in prison, however, when it is discovered, children report that they are often treated negatively by teachers, fellow pupils and their families.
Help and Protect Prisoners Youngsters
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c/o Barnardos,
Suite 5/3 Skypark SP5,
45 Finnieston Street,
Glasgow, G3 8JU

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